Most senior citizens are excited when retiring, however within no time, boredom creeps in as soon as the first phase of rest is over. The most challenge being that they do not know what to do with their time. This is a great time to travel the world; adopt travelling as a hobby. There is no better therapy than a holiday😊.

Purpose of the Club:

*To ensure that our senior citizens get the best deals available offered to senior citizens from your local holiday to your international vacation.

*Organise pensioners meet and greet Events, Spa days, Golf Days, Health Talks, Getaways, etc

*Citizens from the age of 60 years can join the club

How to Join:

*An Administration fee of R200.00 is needed to join the club.

*Monthly minimum contribution fee of R200 or more via Debit order or EFT. This will be used towards paying for the upcoming events, as per your availability. Every month you will receive a statement showing your available balance.