• To connect women from all walks of life through travel and events
  • To create a space where women can come together to offload, relax, share life ideas, encourage and build each other, while finding ways to resolve issues that affect us as mothers, step-mothers,baby-mamas, in-laws, wives, divorcees, sisters, etc. in order to create healthy homes.



  • Any woman with good intentions to help make this world a better place. We are looking for women who want to take their position as helpers to help create healthy homes and healthy communities.
  • The aim is to have women building events at least three times a year, where we will discuss challenges facing us in our homes and communities, thus finding ways to resolve these challenges. The events will be held in different provinces in the country, then move to the rest of Africa and other continents of the world .

“I believe that as women, we have the power, ability and courage to change the world, as long as our intentions are pure”


THE MISSION: To take our positions as women with the aim of making the world the best planet to live in, thus creating a positive change.

How to join:

  • Joining fee will be R200.00, going towards administration services.
  • Monthly minimum contribution fee of R200 or more via Debit order or EFT. This will be used towards paying for the upcoming annual events, as per your availability. Every month you will receive a statement showing your available balance.
  • We will be hosting Women Empowerment events at least three times a year (April, August and December). This will be done in different provinces so we can meet and network with other women from different provinces and as it grows, to different countries.